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It’s complicated

You start off as friends; just two people getting to know each other. Small text messages take up your whole day, and laughter warms up your soul again. He buys you dinner, takes you out on dates, and reminds you how important you are. Although you take notice of your flaws, he turns them into beauty. He laughs at the dumb things you say and you can’t help but to blush. Your hand slightly touches his on accident and you can’t help but to wonder what it is like to feel wanted again.

Feelings are revealed.

And now you ask yourself: what if things go wrong? What if it doesn’t last? Why does he want me? Why….me?

To you he’s your best friend. The one you can go to and tell everything to without feeling judged. No matter what he’s the one who will agree with you because he doesn’t want you mad at him, but he’ll tell you when you’re wrong. He’s the one you want to laugh with and joke around with. He’s the one you would consider as a girlfriend and talk about anything, no matter how weird it is. He’s someone you’ve grown to love so much you don’t know what life would be like without him. You don’t want to be with him, but he’s the one you want to just be there in your life because he makes you happy!

But to him you’re the girl he wants. You’re perfect and he would do anything to have you, to be with you…