Why I Got Twitter Back

First off I deleted twitter as a way to keep myself from being distracted last semester. One year later I notice that there was something missing..

Facebook can get a little boring after a while because I mean who uses it anyways? I would only see post from 12 year olds (still don’t know why I’m friends with them) and see some from older people like 30 and up. But really, no one in their twenties (my age or people I actually talk to, to be exact) really uses Facebook. After a while it gets boring. So I don’t really get on Facebook too often anymore.

Then there’s snapchat. Now I’m not much of a “snapchatter” because 99% of the time I look like Kim kardashian without makeup. I mean c’mon have you seen her without any? It’s not pretty my friends.


So in other words I don’t use snapchat all that much either when it comes to social media. But I will thank those who post stuff up on their “my story” thingy! (I just learned what that was) Gives me something to look at when I get on it.

Keek. You’re probably wondering what that is. Well it’s something you post videos up on. But since no one I know has it, what’s the point of getting on it? I’ll just leave it at that. As much as I love making videos..I don’t get on keek.

Don’t let me forget about Instagram. See I love Instagram. It’s probably the only one I actually get on. Probably because it’s just pictures and junk and people I know get on it. I can like as many pictures as I want because I mean who doesn’t want their picture to be liked?


There are filters that help me look good, and I can post videos (not that I do anyways). But it’s not…satisfying. It’s like…something’s missing.

Every time I got on my phone my thumb would look for that small birdy app (subconsciously) and it wouldn’t be there. When I’m with people and we all want to have a moment to our phones, it was like everyone stayed on longer than I did. I started to feel like a kid asking what they were looking at and leaning over to see what it was.

I would see something that would relate to me and my single situation and laugh…because it’s how I feel


Or maybe I’ll be at Starbucks and some girl would give me a look and I’d be like

But I wouldn’t be able to post this moment anywhere, unless it was twitter.

And how would i have known this when I don’t get on netflix too often!

I mean if it wasn’t for twitter I would be wishing that I could watch the last four season of dexter

And I mean during that time of “moving on” I would have loved to see this



It would’ve made me feel a little better about my decision.

Oh and one last thing…


I would probably be at school right about now wondering why the campus is a ghost town if it wasn’t for twitter.

So there you have it. Those are just some reasons why I got twitter back. It’s like a faster way to get information, and a personal diary you can post your feelings up on…and it would be…OK. As much as I told myself Twitter was dumb, I realized I like it. Because I mean who wouldn’t wanna vent their feelings or post their personal thoughts?


The Journey


I never thought I’d fall for you. Never in my lifetime did I see my heart beat for you. Never did I imagine of wanting to be with you. Never did I wish to want to kiss you.

I really NEVER saw myself falling for you.

And all that time I never knew,
I grew to like you more than words can explain.

If you were to come back and ask me to love you, I would. But not because you told me to. And if you were to come back and ask me to be with you, I would. But not because you told me to.

But now, you’re gone. A lifeless picture stored in a box. A memory that haunts me every night. A song that repeats itself on the radio. A promise that is forever broken. You’re nothing but a story that came to an end.

You walked right in and back out as if you found yourself at the wrong place. You took every last bit of trust I had left in me. You held my hand wishing I never found happiness. You left quietly in hopes I’ll never notice…sadly, I did.

And all that’s left of you are these walls you built and a tattoo I wear on my back.

So I ask you this,

How should I explain the reason why I don’t talk to you when you were the one who left in the first place?

It’s complicated

You start off as friends; just two people getting to know each other. Small text messages take up your whole day, and laughter warms up your soul again. He buys you dinner, takes you out on dates, and reminds you how important you are. Although you take notice of your flaws, he turns them into beauty. He laughs at the dumb things you say and you can’t help but to blush. Your hand slightly touches his on accident and you can’t help but to wonder what it is like to feel wanted again.

Feelings are revealed.

And now you ask yourself: what if things go wrong? What if it doesn’t last? Why does he want me? Why….me?

To you he’s your best friend. The one you can go to and tell everything to without feeling judged. No matter what he’s the one who will agree with you because he doesn’t want you mad at him, but he’ll tell you when you’re wrong. He’s the one you want to laugh with and joke around with. He’s the one you would consider as a girlfriend and talk about anything, no matter how weird it is. He’s someone you’ve grown to love so much you don’t know what life would be like without him. You don’t want to be with him, but he’s the one you want to just be there in your life because he makes you happy!

But to him you’re the girl he wants. You’re perfect and he would do anything to have you, to be with you…

They’ll always come back for more

I sat, taking a sip of my favorite Peppermint Mocha drink from Starbucks. I notice everyone who walked in and out, and I also notice those who took the time to sit inside where there was warm air, and drink their coffees/refreshers. There was Mrs. Catherine drinking her very berry hibiscus and playing on her phone. Every now and then she would ask me about school and I’d say the usual, “it sucks.”
And then there was that lawyer (who’s name I still do not know) sit by the icy, cold window, take a sip of his chai latte tea…or whatever it’s call…and he’d read and highlight every single page of his book (kinda like me with my notes).
I sat there just staring at everyone, and I thought…there’s something about these small pricey cups that keep people coming back for more.
Maybe it’s the way it nourishes the soul with its rich caffeinated flavors or how it wakes up the sleepy heads early in the morning. It’s probably the way it reunites old friends after weeks, months, or years from seeing each other, or how it can bring together two broken hearts in search for love.
Or maybe it’s the way it helps people study for a crazy exam, or how it calms people down after a stressful day.
For some people, it brings peace, love, and hope. It brings up topics of conversations. It helps them get stuff done. Its that sip they take that makes them wish for something better to happen in that small cafe.
And for others it’s just….a pricey cup from Starbucks.
But whatever their reason may be, they always come back for more.


life's a game meant for everyone, and love is the prize!