Elephants and Moon

She could care less about people. All she wanted was a night with the stars. She dreamt of drinking tea with the elephants and enjoying a garden full of flowers. She didn’t want to get drunk off of beer. Rather, she preferred wine and poetry. She only cared for the loss and broken because she was once that way. She preferred a night out with the moon rather than some random guy because she knew that the moon would always listen. She loved the simple things in life because they healed her heart. They fixed her when she thought she could never be fixed. And though she is lonely she is not without love. And I think that’s why so many people are lost.

We live for others that we forget to live for ourselves.


Endless Love

Every pain. Every emotion. she just wanted to let go. She wanted to feel whole. She wanted to feel herself but
Endless Love reminded her of something she would never have. 11:58 and he was on her mind. She refuse to let anything get to her but the room sped faster than a nascar race. She blocked to let go. She didn’t hate anyone. Just the emotions that crept in the middle of the night. She didn’t mean to say hello. She realized that deep down inside there something she was holding back. It was you. Maybe you don’t feel the same but she was in love and she wanted something that she knew she couldn’t have. How do you deal with a feeling that is never returned..
You don’t. You just live. You live with that emotion till you’re writing about it at 12 in the morning with a trash can in front of you. We wait till the storm ends to go out. But I’m the girl to dance in the rain in hopes of you showing up one day.

Little Mexico

Nothing. She drank to think about nothing. Yet there was so much on her mind. Like the sound of frogs and how they sang through the night. Are they happy it rain or enjoy bothering me?
Or the way the green apple soared through my veins. Does it always feel this good or am I just happy to let go of every feeling?
Feelings…I thought those were gone but they have a way creeping back to my cranium. Every neuron spark and every loss memory was found..excuse me little Mexico has to take a shot…

That was nasty, like tasting medical alcohol. I wonder if that’s what people in rehab drink when they’re suppose to be sober?
Rehab. A medical center for the abusers. Do we really learn to have self control. Or do we just act that way so people can leave us alone?


She was a fool to believe the rain would wait till she got inside. She was a fool for letting herself jump in the water when she knew she couldn’t swim. She was a fool. But a fool who loved. She loved and loved and loved because she knew he was the one. She loved because she wanted to be loved back. She loved because she knew she would die soon. But he..he never loved. He adored her. But he never loved. And he would have never loved. Because to him, having loved someone only meant letting go of everything he truly wanted. And she wasn’t worth the sacrifice.