Study nights

I’ve written this before but I can’t help but notice…
The intellectual
The couple
The “group”
The family
The loner…
And I’m in the midst of it all inhaling the same caffeinated aroma in this small cafe.



You’re shy but your smile hides that. And you can’t help but share your love and laughter to every boring spirit. You know pain and it knows you so together you work to rid it from everyone else. You touch hearts to remind them they’re not alone. You carry secrets because not many people know how to hold on to it themselves. Sometimes you wish you could save that one person who rejects your offers, but only time will bring them to you. You’re patient with others. You listen to every heartbeat. You fix every broken heart. And when you fail, you love to google ways to help them the next time you see them.

But sometimes, just sometimes you wish there was that one person who cared as much as you do.

Second chances

What I see in them is what I saw in us. Hope. But tomorrow brought destruction.

This small cafe spared me a second chance. Feelings of animosity pull me away. The closer he gets, the further I run back into the darkness, concealing the pain that is yet to come.

I would give you my heart if I could only find the last person who stole it from me.

Can You Pass Me the Remote?

And in complete silence, he casually got dressed, as if she wasn’t there – ignoring the petty soul sitting across the room.

She never planned for an instantaneous afternoon. She knew very well she didn’t love him, and she knew he didn’t love her. But, oh, how badly she wanted to tell him she was overwhelmed, she was lonely, and she still had some feelings and cared for him. After months of letting go, she didn’t understand what was happening to her at that very moment. Deep down she wanted to know what he felt.

His eyes met her briefly across the room.

Casually she said, “Can you pass me the remote?”