They’ll always come back for more

I sat, taking a sip of my favorite Peppermint Mocha drink from Starbucks. I notice everyone who walked in and out, and I also notice those who took the time to sit inside where there was warm air, and drink their coffees/refreshers. There was Mrs. Catherine drinking her very berry hibiscus and playing on her phone. Every now and then she would ask me about school and I’d say the usual, “it sucks.”
And then there was that lawyer (who’s name I still do not know) sit by the icy, cold window, take a sip of his chai latte tea…or whatever it’s call…and he’d read and highlight every single page of his book (kinda like me with my notes).
I sat there just staring at everyone, and I thought…there’s something about these small pricey cups that keep people coming back for more.
Maybe it’s the way it nourishes the soul with its rich caffeinated flavors or how it wakes up the sleepy heads early in the morning. It’s probably the way it reunites old friends after weeks, months, or years from seeing each other, or how it can bring together two broken hearts in search for love.
Or maybe it’s the way it helps people study for a crazy exam, or how it calms people down after a stressful day.
For some people, it brings peace, love, and hope. It brings up topics of conversations. It helps them get stuff done. Its that sip they take that makes them wish for something better to happen in that small cafe.
And for others it’s just….a pricey cup from Starbucks.
But whatever their reason may be, they always come back for more.



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